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What is ecommerce?

The process of selling or buying things online is known as ecommerce. Internet has opened various avenues for marketing and business. The world has become a smaller place and internet has closed the distance both locally as well as globally. Ecommerce allows the buying and selling, advertising goods and lot more. The buying or selling of goods and services over the Internet has changed the meaning of shopping. In recent years, eCommerce has soared high enormously. Now people are more eager to buy goods online, where there is a better chance of getting a good price than offline shopping. It's obvious that online consumers have no intensions of abandoning the Internet as a shopping source any time soon.


  • Lower Cost : The best part about ecommerce is that it is cost effective. It reduces logistical problems, even a small company can compete with big and established giants like
  • 24 Hours Service : One can shop at any hour of the day, ecommerce shop is never closed. One can browse the site at any time of the day and shop. It never sleeps.
  • Customer Satisfaction : The biggest advantage of ecommerce is that consumer can shop any time, from anywhere at any time of the day as per their own convenience. More over one can easily look for better options and better prices and then after comparing make their purchase. This leads to a greater consumer satisfaction.
  • Economy : Unlike in a traditional shop, there is no commercial place, shelves, inventory storage and insurance requirement. All you need is a strong idea, a unique product, strong back end support and interesting website and you’ll be ready to roll. This makes ecommerce way more economical.


  • Security : The biggest problem faced by ecommerce today is that of security. People are not very trustworthy of online mode of payments. Customers are sceptical about using the payment options, most of them will still try to stick of COD options than pay online.
  • Shipping of goods : Shopping online in not time consume but for the product to reach your doorstep might take days on end to deliver. This also means one can’t sell perishable products.
  • Doubts : People are still not very confident of buying online, they doubt whether the product is as good as it looks on the site. The are apprehensive about the quality and the inability to physically feel and judge the product makes it incomplete.


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