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The Panda is here

The SEO Community has been working hard for several years in order to allure the God of Internet – Google. They have been trying everything that might work for the Search Engine Optimization of their websites. They all know the benefits of getting a good rank on Google – name, fame and business. Many of us know that Google runs on several algorithms that track data from websites and places them in its results. It never discloses its algorithm even to a bit. That is why it is very unclear about the actual structure and scheme of Google’s working. On the other side, it keeps on driving the webmasters crowd towards it by speaking about its algorithms.

Many times Google let its spokespersons speak about the way it worked. These people always quoted the fact that Google works on content quality and asked the webmasters to focus on good content. The SEO community does not seem to believe them. It sticks to its own lesson that it has learnt from the years of experience. It keeps on practicing its own set of SEO rules and regulations. However, Google seems to keep an eye on them. Whenever it appears that SEO experts have cracked the algorithms, Google changes some the game plans. It does not want them to come closer to it.

Google used to reveal its updates through Farmer that used to push irrelevant content at the bottom of the results. This tool later developed further into Google Panda. Panda has the name derived from one of its programmer. The creators of Panda thought of making a program that would remove low quality websites from the search results. Now, Google releases Panda updates on a regular basis in its blogs. Webmasters use these updates to optimize their websites better. Here are some of the new updates of Panda.

Today social media is a big player in SEO. Google does not depend on the keywords in your website’s title and content. It is now looking for sharable data. It now focuses on data that can come useful for the people. It measures the usability of a website. It counts the browse and bounce factor. Browse and bounce factor is the number of users who visit your website and bounce away to other in case of scarce content. Google is also looking into the design now. It studies the structure of the website to find out its usability. It ranks a much usable sit on the top. Thus, design too has become important. Panda excludes websites that have shallow content, low quality and spam. If your website has any negative factor, Google will start ignoring it although you possess a high rank currently.

Panda is an aggressive algorithm and powerful than ever. It does show mercy to websites that fail to provide quality content to its users. That is why Google keeps on requesting webmasters to focus on quality content.


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