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Scaling your websites

Today we need robust Internet applications that can handle the growing demands of people. As a result, technology is growing day by day. The information technology industry is introducing new technologies each day. It is playing its role well. Now it is our turn to do the rest. As a web designer, we should be able to create happening websites and applications. Now, there are already hundreds of free and paid design and development tools in the market. We should also mention that today is the era where people are accessing information on micro devices. These mobile tools like phones, PDAs, iPods, etc. are great tools to provide portable information. Thus, our websites should be compatible to these devices too if we want a good place in the market. In today’s era, you should always remember one thing. If you do not do it, someone else will do. Here we list out some latest tools that will make you web site and application up-to-date and responsive.

  • Device Central
    Adobe Device Central CS5 is the latest version of this software. It helps you create innovative web applications for small devices, especially phones. You can plan, program, preview and test websites and applications on this software. It provides you a great platform where you can test your applications in real time virtually on any device. It contains a big library of device profiles that make the development and testing experience real.
  • Golden Grid System
    Golden Grid is a great tool that solves all the resizing issues of a website. You can divide your screen into eighteen even columns among which two are margins while the rest sixteen are the development space. You can fold them into eight columns for tablet screens and again into four columns for mobile phones.
  • Fit Text
    Fit Text is a cool new jQuery plug-in for your websites. It is a great tool to inflate web type for fluid websites. This tool makes your website responsive for different types of screens. You can employ it to handle the scalability of headline fonts. It makes the font of the website flexible so that viewing on small screen is easy.
  • Gridless
    Gridless is a HTML5 and CSS3 supported tool to create a responsive, cross-browser websites with beautiful typography. In cases of screen adjustments, Gridless comes handy. It provides easy options to scale your websites. This open-source tool is very easy to use and most of the modern browsers support it.
  • Skeleton
    Skeleton is a great new boilerplate for rapid development of HTML websites. It allows you to start instantly without much preparation of the design. Websites built on Skeleton are resizable for viewing on any type of screen. It is a tool for responsive web design built on concepts of CSS and Javascript.

With the use of the above listed tools, you can make websites that are responsive and modern. You can make you websites cool by integrating them into your projects.


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