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Registering on Google Analytics

Today in the world of big businesses, the competition is going tough. You need to work hard and invest a lot of time and money. We live in the twenty-first century with the blessings of technology. Among the plethora of tools available today, we have Google analytics to serve us. It is the best analytical service tool yet and almost 80% of the web industry uses it. Today, it is necessary for every website business. It helps you in analyzing your business and growing it eventually. The world is using it and now it is your turn to sharpen your business with Google Analytics.

You will need a Google account to start-off with the Analytics tools. If you have a Google account, most of the Google services are available to you. At least you can access them easily. In case your Google account faces issues and you need to change it, you shall also be associating the tools and applications with the new account. Google Analytics helps you know the status and statistics of your website. It allows you to find out who all are visiting your pages and from which location. Here we shall discuss process of registering and implementing Google Analytics into your website. Follow the steps carefully and you will find it easy to do.

You need to visit and register on the website. If you already have a Gmail Account, you can register to the Google Accounts easily. If you already have a Google Account, you can skip the entire step and move to the next. Once registered, type in the address bar of your browser. It will take to the Analytics homepage. Alternately, you can click the link on the Google homepage foot and you shall find a link to Analytics in the resulting page, under the ‘enhance your website heading’. Once you reach the analytics page, click the blue button on the top right corner saying ‘access analytics’.

Google Analytics will ask you for the login email and password if you are already a user. Otherwise, it will ask you to sign up for the new Google account. After the login process is complete, you will reach the registration page. This registration page will ask for details like email address, password, location, birthday, etc. After you accept the terms and the conditions, you can move to the page where you shall write the URL of your website and the account name. Google will give you a piece of code that you have to put in the code of your website. It will give you all the directions so you need not worry how to do it.

Once you put the code in your website, you are ready to make Google collect the statistics related to your website. This will help you in finding the details of traffic and user demographics. This will surely help you establish a clear vision of your website and run you business properly.


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