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Factors that degrade ecommerce websites

Ecommerce websites are popular sine long time ago. Internet experts knew the importance and scope of ecommerce and built website that could sell products. This industry grew big and bigger as time passed. Today ecommerce has become a necessary element in online business. The idea behind this is to sell products to customers via the Internet. It has always been an important aspect of the online industry and is not going away soon. On the reverse, it is still growing each day. Every day, we find some new shopping websites pop up. However, there is a fact that only a few of them are able to make good business. There might be many reasons behind their failure. Here we discuss why many ecommerce website fails in their motives.

Long Route
In the web design industry, it is a golden rule to find the shortest path to the destination. Any person should be able to reach the farthest web page in not more than three links. Some ecommerce website designers forget this classic rule of design. The resulting websites take the long route to reach the destination page. A designer should map the website in such a way that most of the pages are accessible within few clicks. Accessibility is a factor that adds to the SEO value of the website. Google considers more accessible websites on top of others.

Browser incompatibility
In this techno-era, there are numerous browsers to surf the web. The most common ones are IE (Internet Explorer), Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. It might happen that a website appears different in different browsers. This browser incompatibility is a bug that destroys the value and purpose of a website. You should properly test your website on most of the common websites to prevent the breaking of structure later.

Unorganized design
The overall design of the website is very important. A user should be able to surf the entire website with ease. If the website is not organized, users will tend to look for other options. You never want this to happen to your website. Thus, proper design becomes important. It is also important to organize products into different ranges of alphabets, prices, sizes, purposes, categories, etc. This will help the user in finding his desired product easily.

Weak security
An ecommerce website deals with money and shopping. If you do not provide enough security to your customer, he might fall prey to hackers. You should use SSL to transfer all the sensitive data and prevent eavesdropping. The most important tool to use for security is a strong firewall. Moreover, you should choose a reliable host for your website.

These were some of the factors present in a failing ecommerce website. If you want your website to perform, better you should always consider good practices in design and development.


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