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Counterattacking Spam

As technology is developing each day, we find more reasons to secure ourselves. With the growing number of productive geeks, the Internet industry is also getting a huge number of destructive programmers. They want to hack your account to steal or corrupt your sensitive data. They perform criminal acts like hacking, cracking, spamming, eavesdropping, etc. to get into your network and steal your important data. You certainly do not anyone want to steal your data or change it for their own reasons.

Spamming refers to the act or practice of stealing data from a live network connection. There are several faces of spamming like Phishing, Pharming, etc. that can corrupt website or the database. You certainly do not want this to happen. Thus, you should be aware of spammers and must take the necessary precautions to protect your website from them. Today, not only consumers but webmasters too have a great concern for protecting their websites from spam. If a website gets spam, it becomes very difficult to remove it. The worst part of it is that not only humans but also automated scripts called spambots are looking for vulnerable website.

Several times, we have seen that even the biggest websites like Facebook and Twitter get spam. It creates a very disastrous experience for the visitors and users. These websites are big enough to hire high-charging professionals to remove spam but it might not be the same case with you. If are a small company, removing spam from your website becomes a headache. Here are some of the preventive measures that protect your website from spam.

Removing spambots is particularly easy than one thinks. Spambots use scripts to crawl in to your sensitive data through webmail. They use sensors to detect the presence of data. Thus, you have to secure your website and mail properly. Do not link ‘mailto’ in email addresses. It prevents spambots from finding the address of your webmail. While writing the email names do not use symbols. Always use letters to define symbols like ‘@’ and ‘.’. For example, if your email id is ‘’, you must use ‘you at site dot com’ while writing the email address on web pages. You can also state email addresses using graphics rather than writing them as links.

You must minimize the use of official and important email ids. You can make another id for other purposes like registration on less important websites. This way the spammers will not be able to get to your accounts where you keep the most important data. Spam links may contain addresses to deadly computer viruses that might corrupt or destroy your important data. You must webmail services that provide spam filtering. Such types of webmail clients put the suspicious websites in the junk or spam folder.

Protecting your website and mailbox is very important if you want your business to be strong. You must install the necessary anti-spam and anti-virus software on all of your computers to prevent spam getting in.


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