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Comparing Google+ to Facebook

Since people heard of Google+, they have been comparing it to Facebook and Twitter. They should, but with correct parameters. Facebook and Twitter are social networking giants. Both have been there for some time and have achieved big reputation and hundreds of millions users. Google launched last year and was limited for users for a few months. Its launching found both positive and negative reactions. The optimists exclaimed, ‘’Wow! Google+ ’’. The pessimists said, ‘’Oh God, yet another social network’’. Today, Google+ is growing rapidly and turning into a big venture. You may like it or you may hate it, but you cannot ignore it.

One should not forget that it is a Google project and not by just any company. Google is trying its level best to drive its huge traffic towards G+. It is providing easy methods to connect to G+. If you have a Google or Gmail account, you are already in G+. Google has merged itself with Google+. There seems no difference between. Log in to Google and you can access your Google+ profile. Thus, you can say that Google+ is the social networking avatar of Google. However, the question still lies that is Google+ as capable as Facebook and Twitter. Can it repeat their success stories?

Talking of Facebook, one cannot repeat its success story now. It provides options for sharing content, photos and videos. You can chat with your friend online, post comments on photos and links, play games and stay updated with regular updates from different companies. The time when Google+ came out, Facebook was already seven years old with more than 750 million users. It has millions of business pages promoting companies and organisation. Twitter is second to Facebook in terms of popularity and user visits. It has the maximum number of premium profiles owned by celebrities. This fact makes Twitter a real sophistication.

Today, the Internet marketing crowd sees G+ as a new marketing tool. Those who have been using Facebook and Twitter to promote their business are considering Google+ as a new path towards success. They have already started to explore better business opportunities with it. In this scenario, LinkedIn needs a mention. LinkedIn is much more a professional social networking website with limited scope of entertainment. However, it has great features to maximize your career. Companies look for better employees and job seekers look for better jobs in LinkedIn. It also provides a nice platform to market and promote your business. It allows blogging and posting content to engage your followers.

Google+ derives sharing features from Facebook, user privacy from Twitter and professionalism from LinkedIn. It found around 65 million users in just six months including the time when it was a limited venture. The number is growing each day with around 22% annual growth rates. Google is trying hard to turn its 150 million users per month base towards its siblings. Therefore, comparing Google+ with Facebook and Twitter now is not a right thing to do. You have to wait at least two for the results.


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