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Which one is the most popular open source CMS

Earlier, website creation was considered as a very difficult job and web design company around Bristol, use to charge exorbitant amount. Web designers have to learn different languages and code in order to create a particular website. Times have changed now and website development is not anymore considered as a rocket science, people with little programming knowledge can also make astounding website all thanks to the availability of content management systems i.e. CMS. Nowadays with the help of the CMS, anyone can easily create, publish and archive a website in a safe. Content management system helps in creating a powerful website with all the essentials of a good website. With the availability of CMS tools on the internet, with all the necessary features, it has now become extremely handy to have exclusive features. The features available in CMS tool depends on the number of features present in it.

Few of popular CMS tools available in the market are:


It is one of the most popular CMS tool available in the market today. Many web designing company opts for WordPress for creating a robust and functional website. WordPress consist of a complete package for creating the best websites on the internet. WordPress has also evolved with time, earlier it was used only for creating blogs, but nowadays WordPress is considered capable for managing complex websites in a much easier way. WordPress websites are also SEO friendly, i.e. they rank high on search engines.


Joomla is one of the top most ranked CMS tool on the internet today and is extremely popular with web designing company in Bristol. Joomla has earned huge popularity because of its easy to use interface and detailed services. Joomla is an open source software and is available for free. You can easily download its tutorial from net to know more about it. Joomla is the best choice for creating business website, online magazine, communication portals etc. Joomla offers many complex features and consist of many enhanced services and a large number of components that easily add value to your website and provide great traffic to your site.


Drupal on the other hand is considered as the most basic CMS tools available. In few simple steps one can easily create a basic website with all the general features. Along with small website and blog site, Drupal is also equally capable of creating complex websites. Drupal is not as complex as Joomla and its customization is very simple. The best part about Drupal is its user friendly search engine option for its customers.


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